Cosy Clouds feather topper

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  • Luxurious comfort
  • Breathable & temperature regulating
  • Optimal body adaptation & pressure relief

size: 80x200x10 cm


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Die Premium Bettwaren von Luxecosy werden in Deutschland hergestellt und erfüllen höchste Standards.30 nights sleep trial
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Experience the ultimate in comfort and support with our Cosy Clouds Spring Topper. Sleep like on clouds and take the comfort of your bed to a new level. Our feather topper is filled with carefully selected, high-quality feathers and down that offer excellent pressure relief and adapt perfectly to your body shape. Discover a new level of comfort and luxury in your bedroom with our feather topper!

Product details

Origin: Germany

Series: toppers

Material: 100% cotton

Content: 85% feather / 15% down

Die Matratzentopper von Luxecosy werden in Deutschland hergestellt und bringen das Hotel-Gefühl nach Hause.

Excellent sleeping comfort

Best support, excellent comfort and best materials. Sleep like you're on clouds every night with our Mattress toppers & mattress toppers .

Das Made in Germany Logo für die Bettwaren von LuxeCosy die in Deutschland hergestellt werden.

Sustainable luxury

Handcrafted production in Germany guarantees the highest quality and environmentally friendly production.

Die Premium Bettwaren von Luxecosy werden in Deutschland hergestellt und erfüllen höchste Standards.

Guaranteed top quality

You can try out our Mattress toppers & mattress toppers for 30 nights without any risk - and test our products worry-free.

Sustainable materials

The finest sustainable materials for environmentally conscious, long-lasting sleep.

Die hochwertigen Daunen von Luxecosy sind fluffig und luxuriös. Jetzt Daunendecken und Daunenkissen entdecken.

Filling & processing


You will love these unique features of the Cosy Clouds feather topper :

The Cozy Clouds spring topper is made from high quality materials that provide extra comfort and support on your mattress. The cover of the topper is made of 100% cotton, which gives you a comfortable and breathable feeling. The filling of the topper consists of a mixture of 5% down and 95% feathers. This combination allows for a perfect balance of softness and firmness - the down provides a soft and fluffy surface, while the feathers provide support and structure to the topper. The Cozy Clouds spring topper makes an excellent addition to your mattress and can help ensure you have a restful and cozy night's sleep.

Erwecken Sie Ihre Matratze zu neuem Leben mit dem Luxe Cosy Topper - Luxuskomfort für erholsamen Schlaf!

mattress topper

What makes Luxecosy Cosy Clouds feather topper so special?

Our mattress toppers raise your sleeping comfort to the level of a luxury hotel. The gentle and supportive filling hugs the contours of your body perfectly and promotes a natural sleeping position. The natural ventilation of the natural filling enables effective heat and moisture exchange, resulting in a more pleasant sleeping environment. The finest materials with German craftsmanship will make you sleep on clouds.

Luxe Serenity Daunen Topper - Unser Topper bietet eine luxuriöse Schicht aus Komfort und Unterstützung. 60% Daune / 40% Faser

mattress topper

4 reasons why a mattress topper is the perfect choice

  1. Pressure relief: The topper reduces pressure points, promotes blood circulation and improves sleeping comfort.
  2. Adaptability: Perfect if your mattress is too firm or too soft. The topper can modify the properties of your mattress.
  3. Mattress Protector: It extends the life of your mattress by protecting it from wear and tear.
  4. Temperature regulation: Our toppers offer improved ventilation and thus ensure a pleasant sleeping environment.
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