Die Kopfkissen von Luxecosy werden in handwerklicher Präzision mit den besten Materialien hergestellt und bieten Komfort.


Dreamlike sleep begins here: our handmade pillows from a German factory.
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The right pillow is crucial for a restful sleep. Whether you're a side sleeper, back sleeper or stomach sleeper, our pillow advisor will help you find the perfect pillow for your needs.

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Cosy Clouds PrimaLoft Bio®-Mikrofaser Kissen - Unterstützung in der Größe 80 x 80 cm aus 100 % PrimaLoft Bio®-Microfaser.Cosy Clouds PrimaLoft Bio®-Mikrofaser Kissen - Unterstützung in der Größe 40 x 80 cm aus 100 % PrimaLoft Bio®-Microfaser.
Cozy PrimaloftBio® microfiber pillow 100% PrimaLoft Bio® fiber Sale priceFrom 79,95 €
Pure Comfort 3-Kammer Kopfkissen - Himmlischer Schlaf Größe 80 x 80 cm und einer Füllung aus 100 % deutschen Gänsedaunen.Pure Comfort 3-Kammer Kopfkissen - Himmlischer Schlaf Größe 40 x 80 cm und einer Füllung aus 100 % deutschen Gänsedaunen.
Pure 3-chamber down pillow 100% Münsterl. Goose down Sale priceFrom 189,95 €
Premium 3-Kammer Kopfkissen - 100% ark. Wildenten Typ Eiderdaune. Perfekt abgestimmt auf Ihre Bedürfnisse in 80 x 80 cm.Premium 3-Kammer Kopfkissen - 100% ark. Wildenten Typ Eiderdaune. Perfekt abgestimmt auf Ihre Bedürfnisse in 40 x 80 cm.
Premium 3-chamber down pillow Outside: 100% arctic. Wild duck down interior: 100% feathers Sale priceFrom 169,95 €
Royal Daunenkissen - 100% münsterländer Gänseflaum - Größe von 80 x 80 cm perfekt abgestimmt auf Ihre Bedürfnisse.Royal Daunenkissen - 100% münsterländer Gänseflaum - Größe von 40 x 80 cm perfekt abgestimmt auf Ihre Bedürfnisse.
Royal down pillow 100% German goose down Sale priceFrom 299,95 €
Das Nackenstützkissen von LuxeCosy für einen angenehmen ergonomisch optimierten Schlaf. Nackenstützkissen im Querschnitt zur Ansicht der verwendeten Materialien
ComfyNeck Visco neck support pillow 100% visco foam Sale price99,95 €
Das Premium in Deutschland handgefertigte ComfyNeck Visco-Dual Nackenstützkissen LuxeCosy für perfekte Nackenstütze.Das Comfyneck Nackenstützkissen Dual für maximalen Komfort mit extra Stützschicht, hergestellt in handwerklicher Fertigung.
ComfyNeck Dual Neck Support Pillow 100% visco foam Sale price129,95 €
Prestige Federkissen aus 100% Federn - LuxeCosyPrestige Federkissen - LuxeCosy
Prestige feather pillow 100% feathers Sale priceFrom 89,95 €
ComfyNeck Nackenstützkissen - Bio-Latexkern und Baumwollhülle für optimalen Komfort und Unterstützung - NackenkissenComfyNeck Nackenstützkissen Basic - Bio-Latexkern und Baumwollhülle für optimalen Komfort und Unterstützung
ComfyNeck organic latex neck support pillow 100% organic latex Sale priceFrom 159,95 €
2nd choiceSave 31%
B-stock Luxe 3-chamber down pillow 40 x 80 cmDas Luxe 3-kammer Daunenkissen mit der Stützkraft Soft Stützend.
B-stock Luxe 3-chamber down pillow 40 x 80 cm 90% down / 10% feather Sale price89,95 € Regular price129,95 €
Luxe Nackenrolle - 15x40 cm
Luxe Nackenrolle - 15x40 cm 90% Daune / 10% Feder Sale price79,95 €
ComfyNeck Visco Kontur Nackenstützkissen - LuxeCosyComfyNeck Visco Kontur Nackenstützkissen - LuxeCosy
ComfyNeck contour neck support pillow 100% visco foam Sale price129,95 €

FAQ pillows

In the following paragraph we have compiled the most frequently asked questions from our customers about our luxury pillows to help you with your concerns. If you have any further questions that are not covered here, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always here to help you

Pillow from LuxeCosy - The right choice for you!

Your neck bears the entire weight of your head and is held upright by muscles and tendons. It is a pain-sensitive part of the cervical spine and requires an anatomically shaped and orthopedically structured pillow. Since we change our lying position several times during the night, the pillow should be flexible. At LuxeCosy you will find the right pillow for your needs with our exclusive selection of premiumpillow. All of our pillows ensure a restful and healthy sleep. They provide ideal support for your head and neck so that pain and tension do not occur in the first place. They also impress with their ergonomic fit and are particularly durable, so that the pillows will reliably accompany you for many years. In addition, we guarantee 100% freedom from harmful substances. What more do you want? Buy the right pillow online now at LuxeCosy.

Find the right pillow for your needs

In addition to length and width, height and support also play a crucial role when choosing a pillow. The appropriate height and support depends on shoulder width and individual needs. The height and support power of pillows can be determined by the type of pillow and the filling weight or fillings. Pillows, like duvets, are available with many different fillings, although a distinction is also made between natural fiber and synthetic fiber fillings. Pillows filled with down and feathers are characterized by very good adaptability. These pillows also have very good moisture regulation. Traditional ones fit hereFeather pillow, high qualitydown pillows,Children's pillowand3-chamber pillowperfect.

Microfiber pillowHowever, down pillows are now in no way inferior in terms of loft, moisture regulation and adaptability.

In addition to the traditional fillings, we recommend our specialized ones Neck support pillowhave ergonomically optimized pillows for a particularly optimized sleep. We offer our pillows in different sizes. Whether in the standard size 80x80 cm or the elongated 40x80 cm, you will find the right size with us.

Let's take a closer look at the pillows that we offer in our online shop.

If thisPremium feather pillow, orPure down pillows– all of these pillows are filled with cozy down and feathers. TheCozy microfiber pillowimpresses with a PrimaLoft Bio® microfiber filling. This is breathable and allergy-friendly, as well as being 100% recyclable and biodegradable. For everyone who would like to avoid animal products.

TheNeck support pillowwere specifically designed for people who change sleeping positions frequently during the night. It adapts ideally to the lying position. This makes the neck support pillow the right choice for side sleepers, back sleepers or stomach sleepers.

Which pillow is right for me?

Are you still not sure which pillow actually suits your sleeping habits? Then start oursPillow adviceand find your perfect pillow. If you have already chosen one, our shop is open day and night and you can now buy your optimal pillow for the night.

What is a stomach sleeper pillow and who should use it?

AStomach sleeper pillowhas less filling and therefore offers a flatter sleeping position, which is ideal for stomach sleepers. This helps keep the spine in a neutral position and prevents neck and back pain. Neck support pillows are particularly suitable for this.

What is a neck support pillow and why should I use it?

ANeck support pillow has a special shape that keeps your neck and head in an ergonomically correct position while you sleep. This can help prevent neck pain and tension headaches.

Which LuxeCosy pillow 80x80 cm do you recommend?

This depends on your individual sleep needs. We offer a variety ofPillow 80x80on, underneathDown pillows, Feather pillowandNeck pillow.

Proper care of pillows

Regardless of the material, there are some general care tips that apply to every pillow: Use pillowcases:Always use a pillowcase to protect the pillow from dirt, sweat and skin oils. Wash pillows regularly:Depending on your needs, pillows should be washed every three to six months to ensure a hygienic environment. Storage:Store pillows in a dry and well-ventilated place to avoid moisture and odors. Proper care of pillows, whether down or synthetic, is crucial to their longevity and your sleep

Time for a change?

People need a pillow that suits their needs in order to get a good night's sleep and rested throughout the night. Once the perfect pillow has been found, it is often used for many years. A replacement is delayed as long as possible because there are fears that the next pillow will not provide the same good feeling as the tried and tested pillow. In terms of sleep hygiene, however, the pillow should be replaced with a new one approximately every three to four years. During the period of use, the natural properties of the materials deteriorate and bacteria and mites can collect in the pillow, which is undesirable.