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Warmth that embraces: Masterfully crafted duvets from a German studio. Live a 5-star experience every night with Luxecosy.


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Schweben Sie auf den sanften Wolken des LuxeCosy Cosy Clouds Mikrofaser Decke Primaloft - Kuscheliger Komfort für Sie! Schweben Sie auf den sanften Wolken des LuxeCosy Cosy Clouds Mikrofaser Decke Primaloft - Kuscheliger Komfort für Sie!
Cozy PrimaloftBio® microfiber blanket 100% PrimaLoft Bio® fiber Sale priceFrom 119,95 €
Die Pure 100% Gänsedaunen Bettdecke - Unvergleichlicher Schlafgenuss mit einer Füllung aus 100% hochwertiger deutscher Daune.Herstellung von Luxecosy Daunendecken – Qualität und Komfort in jeder Daunenfüllung
Pure Comfort down comforter 100% Münsterl. Goose down Sale priceFrom 499,95 €
Premium Daunendecke - Unvergleichlicher Schlafgenuss mit Füllung aus 100% arktische Wildenten Typ Eiderdaune.Nahaufnahme feinster isländischer Eiderdaunen – Exklusivität von Luxecosy
Premium down comforter 100% ark. Wild duck down Sale priceFrom 449,95 €
Erleben Sie königlichen Schlafkomfort mit der Royal Bio Kamelhaardecke – luxuriöse Wärme und Weichheit für Sie!Hochwertige Royal Bio Kamelhaardecke aus feinstem Kamelhaar hergestellt in handwerklicher Fertigung in Deutschland.
Royal camel hair blanket 100% finest camel hair Sale priceFrom 299,95 €
Bio Tencel Seidendecke von Silkara - Nachhaltige Luxus Bio-Bettdecke mit seidiger Weichheit für erholsamen SchlafSilkara Bio Tencel Seidendecke - Atmungsaktive und hypoallergene Decke für ultimativen Komfort"
Lyocell silk summer blanket 60% Silk 40% Tencel Sale priceFrom 199,95 €
Die Luxe Daunendecke aus 90% Daune / 10% Feder für feinsten KomfortDie Luxe Daunendecke aus 90% Daune / 10% Feder für feinsten Komfort
Luxe down comforter 90% down / 10% feather Sale priceFrom 299,95 € Regular price449,95 €
Prestige Comfort Kids Schurwolldecke aus 100% biologisch kontrollierter Schurwolle - Natürlicher Komfort für Ihr Kind.Den richtigen Wärmegrad für eine Luxecosy Bettdecke finden. Sommerdecke, Winterdecke, 4-Jahreszeiten Decke
Dream Hopper Children's Blanket Virgin Wool 100% organic new wool Sale priceFrom 79,95 €
Die Luxus Veganer Lyocell Bettdecke von Luxecosy für höchsten Komfort und angenehme Nächte.Die Luxus Veganer Lyocell Bettdecke von Luxecosy für höchsten Komfort und angenehme Nächte.
Vegan lyocell duvet 100% Tencel® fiber (Lyocell) Sale priceFrom 249,95 €
Entspannen Sie sich in luxuriösem Komfort mit der Prestige Schurwolldecke – eine nachhaltige Wohlfühloase für Ihren SchlafDie luxuriöse Prestige Comfort Bio Schurwolldecke: Nachhaltige Gemütlichkeit für Ihr Bett aus nachhaltiger Schurwolle.
GOTS virgin wool blanket 100% organic new wool (GOTS) Sale priceFrom 249,95 €
Seidendecke von Silkara - 100% Seide in handwerklicher Fertigung. Nachhaltige Luxusdecke für tolle SchlaferlebnisseDie Silkara Seidendecke aus 100% Seide überzeugt durch höchste Qualität und hochwertige Materialien.
Summer silk blanket 100% silk Sale priceFrom 279,95 €
Königlicher Schlafkomfort mit der LuxeCosy Royal Eiderdaune Daunendecke - gefüllt mit dem kostbaren und seltenen Eiderdaunen.Königlicher Schlafkomfort mit der LuxeCosy Royal Eiderdaune Daunendecke - gefüllt mit dem kostbaren und seltenen Eiderdaunen.
Royal eiderdown comforter 100% Icelandic eiderdown Sale priceFrom 4.495,95 €
Bettdecken-Beratung von Luxecosy: Finden Sie Ihre perfekte Bettdecke für eine angenehme Nacht.

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Use our expertise to find the perfect duvet for your individual sleeping comfort.

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FAQ about duvets

Below we have compiled the most frequently asked questions from our customers about our luxury duvets to help you with your concerns. If you have any further questions that are not covered here, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always here to help you

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Luxury duvets: sleeping comfort á la LuxeCosy

What does it mean for you to have a good night's sleep? Of course a comfortable mattress, one or more soft pillows and of course a high-quality duvet. Anyone who has ever had to sleep with a poor-quality duvet knows that you shouldn't make any compromises here. After all, our sleep should be as comfortable as possible, we should rest well and get up refreshed. This can only be achieved in combination with a duvet that meets our requirements. And they can be diverse. One person wants a particularly warm blanket for the winter, another needs something airy in the summer, the third wants down and a fourth wants to avoid animal products. None of this is a problem for our duvets, which offer the right design for every type of sleeper.

Duvets for every sleeping style

Let's take a closer look at some of the premium duvets that we can offer you in our shop:

TheCozy microfiber blanket PrimaLoft Bio®is suitable for everyone who wants to avoid animal products in their duvet, but doesn't want the feel of real down.

Discover with theLuxe down comforterfrom Luxecosy the ultimate synthesis of comfort and luxury, tailor-made for discerning sleepers who refuse to compromise. Crafted from an exquisite blend of 90% goose down and 10% goose feathers, all materials come from selected European farms to ensure sustainability and ethical standards.

Experience the brilliant sleeping experience with thePure Comfort down comforter100% down- the ultimate luxury and comfort for the most demanding sleepers. This premium down comforter is specially designed to give you a restful sleep, so you wake up feeling fresh and full of energy every morning.

Discover oursPremium down duvet - Eiderdown typewith 100% arctic wild duck down - type eiderdown. Enjoy cozy and warm nights in luxury and comfort. Experience the Luxecosy difference today!

TheRoyal eiderdown duvet- Unparalleled luxury for your nights. With 100% eiderdown - the queen of down. Experience ultimate comfort and warmth. Discover royal sleeping pleasure with Luxecosy!

Pamper yourself with first-class organic duvets for a restful sleep

Discover our exclusive collection of natural blankets, which are manufactured with precision craftsmanship in German ateliers. Each blanket is a unique work of art, made from natural materials and offering the highest comfort and quality. Our eco-friendly blankets are chemical-free, hypoallergenic and ensure an optimal sleeping environment. Choose from various natural fibers such assilk,Virgin wool blanketorCamel hair blanket and find the perfect blanket for every season. Experience the natural beauty and quality of these handcrafted blankets and enjoy a restful sleep in the utmost comfort. Buy yours nowOrganic duvetonline at LuxeCosy.

You can see how diverse our selection of duvets is. Take your time to look around and buy our duvets online now.

Properties of an ideal duvet: More than just a cover for the night

Choosing the right duvet can be crucial to the quality of your sleep. A perfect luxury duvet should have specific properties to enable you to have a restful and healthy sleep.

  • Moisture regulation: A premium duvet effectively absorbs and wicks away moisture, keeping you feeling fresh all night long.
  • Heat retention: It should be warm but not oppressive. The ideal duvet adapts to different temperature conditions and keeps you pleasantly warm.
  • Lightness and breathability: LuxeCosy duvets are both lightweight and breathable, which aids in heat and moisture regulation.
  • Allergy friendly: People with house dust allergies need special duvets that are allergy-friendly.

First-class hotel duvets - Made in Germany

Experience the excellence of LuxeCosy duvets. Unlock the secret of first-class sleep quality with our exceptional selection of luxury duvets. Inspired by the world's leading luxury hotels, our premium duvets meet every need for sleeping comfort. handpicked,
Made from high quality materials, they are your first choice for
an optimal sleeping environment in all seasons.

Advantages of the LuxeCosy luxury duvets: Incomparable quality meets timeless design

Get to know the many benefits of Luxecosy duvets that will take your sleeping experience to a new level. Characterized by German craftsmanship, the highest quality, ultimate comfort and remarkable durability, our first-class duvets guarantee you the perfect night's sleep. Crafted from materials renowned for their superior softness and durability, our LuxeCosy duvets provide warmth, breathability and temperature balance for your ultimate sleeping pleasure.

Choices: size and filling

We offer a wide range of sizes and fillings to suit your personal preferences. Our duvets are available in a variety of sizes, from single size to king size, so that every bed can be perfectly equipped. Choose from our size options such as duvets in 135x200 cm, 155x220 cm, 200x200 cm & 240x220 cm.

The selection of fillings includescozy down,noble organic duvetsHowCamel hair blankets,Silk blankets,Virgin wool blankets, as well as breathable, hypoallergenicSynthetic fibers. Each filling offers unique properties and comfort levels.

How do I find the right level of heat for me?

When looking for thatcorrect level of warmth for duvetsThere are three main categories: summer, all-season and winter duvets. To determine which level of heat is best for you, consider the following factors:

  • Personal preferences:Some people like to sleep cool, while others prefer to stay cozy and warm. Consider your own preferences to make the best decision.
  • Room temperature:The temperature of your bedroom plays an important role in choosing the heat level. A summer blanket is suitable for warmer rooms, a winter blanket for cooler rooms and an all-season blanket for moderate temperatures.

We recommend the following room temperatures for our blankets:
-Summer blankets: 22 - 31 °C
-All year round blankets: 16 - 22 °C
-Winter blankets: 11 - 16 °C

  • Materials:The materials of the duvets also influence the level of warmth. Natural materials such as down and feathers are warmer than synthetic fillings.

By taking these factors into account, you can find the ideal level of warmth for your individual sleeping comfort.

Your purchasing decision: the advantages of our duvets

Whether down duvet, organic duvet or microfibre blanket, they all offer special advantages.

Down comforters:

  • Excellent thermal insulation:Our down duvets offer first-class thermal insulation at a low weight. The natural down creates an airy structure that effectively traps body heat and ensures a comfortable sleeping environment.
  • Breathability and moisture regulation:Down has natural breathable properties that wick away excess moisture. This guarantees a pleasant sleeping environment as moisture is efficiently absorbed and transported away.

Organic duvets:

  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable:Our organic duvets are made from organically grown materials that are free from harmful chemicals and pesticides. This makes them environmentally friendly and supports sustainable farming practices.
  • Hypoallergenic and skin-friendly:Because our organic duvets are made from natural materials, they are hypoallergenic and skin-friendly. These duvets are therefore particularly suitable for people with sensitive skin or allergies.

Microfiber blankets:

  • Lightweight and easy to care for: Microfiber duvets are lighter than many other materials, making them particularly comfortable and easy to use. They are also machine washable and dry quickly - a plus point for care.
  • Allergy friendly: Microfibers have the advantage of being naturally allergy-friendly as they offer little room for mites. People who suffer from allergies therefore benefit from microfiber duvets.

What duvets have to be able to do

Maybe you already have your preference, but maybe you're still unsure. Duvets should have certain properties in order to ensure a healthy and restful sleep. They should absorb moisture and keep you warm, but at the same time be light and air-conditioning and in some cases can also be used by people who are allergic to house dust. Browse through our online shop and find the right duvet for you. And don't be afraid to contact us if you have any questions, we'll be happy to advise you!

Treat yourself to restful nights with the Luxecosy luxury duvets!