Luxus Musselin Bettwäsche von Luxecosy wird in Deutschland hergestellt und begeistert durch Leichtigkeit und Komfort.

Muslin bed linen

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Musselin Bettwäsche Weiß von Luxecosy begeistert durch ein angenehmes Gefühl auf der Haut und beste Qualität.Musselin Bettwäsche Weiß von Luxecosy begeistert durch ein angenehmes Gefühl auf der Haut und beste Qualität.
Muslin bed linen white 100% cotton Sale priceFrom 119,95 €
Die Musselin Bettwäsche Altrosa von Luxecosy begeistert durch Qualität und Komfort.Unsere Musselin-Bettwäsche in Altrosa von Luxecosy begeistert durch Qualität und Verarbeitung.
Muslin bed linen old pink 100% cotton Sale priceFrom 119,95 €
Muslin pillowcase 40x80 cm
Muslin pillowcase 40x80 cm 100% cotton Sale price29,95 €
Die Musslin Bettwäsche Hellgrau von Luxecosy begeistert durch eine angenehme Haptik.Die Musslin Bettwäsche Hellgrau von Luxecosy begeistert durch eine angenehme Haptik.
Muslin bed linen grey 100% cotton Sale priceFrom 119,95 €
Hochwertige Bettwäsche von Luxecosy entdecken. Von Leinenbettwäsche, Musselin Bettwäsche und Mako-Satin.

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Muslin bed linen - purity and elegance for your sleeping area

Welcome to the world of Luxecosy, where we present you our exclusive muslin bed linen in the elegant colors white and old pink. These two shades not only represent timeless elegance and gentle aesthetics, but also the purity and natural quality of our muslin bed linen.

Muslin bed linen white:

  • Our white muslin symbolizes classic purity and brings a fresh, calming atmosphere to your bedroom. This bedding will blend seamlessly into any bedroom design and provide a canvas for rest and relaxation.

Muslin bed linen old pink:

  • The old pink version of our muslin bed linen exudes a soft, calming elegance. It is ideal for those who want to add a warm, inviting touch to their sleeping area. The subtle coloring conveys an atmosphere of serenity and well-being.

In this introduction we would like to introduce you to the unique properties and benefits of our muslin bed linen in white and antique pink. Whether you choose the crisp white or the soft dusty pink, our bed linen offers the perfect combination of comfort, quality and style. Immerse yourself in a world of luxurious sleeping comfort with Luxecosy, where every night becomes an experience of purity and elegance.

Muslin bed linen in white and old pink - gentle touch, natural elegance

Our muslin bed linen in white and dusty pink is more than just a color choice - it is a statement of style and comfort. These collections are carefully designed to be not only visually appealing but also incredibly comfortable.

Muslin bed linen white:

  • The white bed linen represents clarity and freshness. It gently reflects light and contributes to a peaceful and calm sleeping environment. Their minimalist design allows for a versatile combination with other colors and patterns to personalize your bedroom.

Muslin bed linen old pink:

  • Old pink is a color that radiates warmth and comfort. It adds a delicate, romantic touch to your bedroom and creates an atmosphere that invites you to relax and dream. This color harmonizes perfectly with natural wood tones and soft beige and gray nuances.

Features of our muslin bed linen:

  • Our muslin bedding is crafted for its soft, airy texture.
  • The breathability of the fabric ensures a comfortable sleeping environment by effectively wicking away moisture.
  • Muslin is also easy to care for and becomes even softer with every wash, which further increases comfort.

Our muslin bed linen is ideal for anyone who values ​​natural comfort, gentle touches and elegant colors. Discover the luxurious comfort and stylish aesthetic this bedding brings to your bedroom.

Care and longevity of your muslin bed linen

Caring for your Luxecosy muslin bed linen is crucial to maintaining its beauty and softness over the long term. Our muslin bedding is known for its durability and easy care, making it an excellent choice for everyday use.

Care tips for your muslin bed linen:

  • Gentle wash: Machine wash your muslin bedding with a mild detergent at low temperature. This helps protect the fibers and maintain the softness of the bedding.
  • Air dry: Allow the bedding to air dry. Muslin dries quickly and retains its airy texture when air dried.
  • Avoid high heat: High temperatures can damage the fibers. Therefore, avoid ironing or using a hot dryer.

Long-term storage:

  • Store your muslin bedding in a dry, well-ventilated room to prevent moisture buildup and odor buildup.

By following these simple care instructions, you can ensure that your muslin bedding retains its beauty and softness even after years of use. Enjoy the long-lasting quality and gentle comfort that Luxecosy offers you.

Muslin bed linen for every season

Our muslin bedding is designed to provide ideal sleeping comfort all year round. Thanks to the natural properties of the muslin fabric, our bed linen adapts perfectly to different climatic conditions.


  • In the warmer months, our muslin bed linen offers excellent breathability. The lightweight and breathable fabric helps prevent overheating and ensures a cool and comfortable sleeping environment.


  • During colder seasons, layering with muslin bedding provides extra warmth without weighing you down. The natural softness of the fabric creates a cozy and warm cover that is ideal for cooler nights.

Transitional seasons:

  • In spring and autumn, muslin bedding offers the perfect balance between warmth and breathability. It adapts easily to fluctuating temperatures and ensures a comfortable sleep.

No matter the season, our muslin bedding offers a combination of comfort, style and practicality. It is ideal for anyone who values ​​natural comfort and bed linen that adapts to their needs. Enjoy the luxurious comfort and versatility that our muslin bedding offers you all year round.

Sustainability – Environmentally conscious production of our muslin bed linen

At Luxecosy we are committed to the environment and sustainable production practices. We believe that luxury and responsibility should go hand in hand to offer not only high quality but also environmentally friendly products.

Sustainable material sourcing:

  • Our muslin bed linen is made from sustainably sourced natural fibers. We ensure that our raw materials come from suppliers who are committed to environmentally friendly farming methods and fair working conditions.

Environmentally friendly production:

  • When producing our bed linen, we attach great importance to environmentally friendly processes. This includes using water and energy conservation techniques and minimizing the use of harmful chemicals.

Longevity and quality:

  • The longevity of our products is a key aspect of our sustainability efforts. By offering long-lasting bedding, we help reduce waste and promote a more sustainable consumer culture.

By purchasing Luxecosy muslin bed linen, you are not only choosing comfort and style, but also supporting a sustainable and responsible lifestyle. Our sustainability efforts are an integral part of our brand and reflect our commitment to the environment and the future.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions about Luxecosy muslin bed linen

How is muslin different from other bedding fabrics?

  • Muslin is a particularly lightweight woven fabric known for its softness and breathability. It offers a unique combination of comfort and durability and is ideal for people who prefer soft and airy bedding.

Is muslin bed linen suitable for all skin types?

  • Yes, our muslin bed linen is very skin-friendly. It is gentle on the skin and therefore ideal for people with sensitive skin or allergies.

Can muslin bedding be used all year round?

  • Absolutely. Muslin bedding is versatile and suitable for any season. In summer it provides a cooling effect, while in winter it provides additional warmth when layered.

How do I properly care for my muslin bed linen?

  • We recommend machine washing muslin bedding at low temperature and air drying. Avoid high heat and excessive detergents to protect the fibers.

For further questions we are happy to help you. Visit our website or contact our customer service to learn more about our muslin bedding and other products.

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At Luxecosy, we strive to provide you with not just high-quality bedding, but a holistic sleeping experience. Our muslin bedding is a perfect example of our commitment to quality, comfort and style.

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