Die LuxeCosy Bettwaren begeistern durch Qualität und Komfort. Made in Germany sind sie aufgezeigt auf einem Bett.

About Us

At LuxeCosy we follow a clear philosophy: sleeping comfort is not just a need, but a right for everyone. Our values ​​are reflected in each of our products. We believe in sustainability, quality and the beauty of craftsmanship. These values ​​guide us in the selection of our materials and in our production process. For us, every product is a commitment to first-class sleeping comfort and a sustainable lifestyle. We are committed to providing our customers not just products, but a holistic sleep experience that exceeds their expectations while respecting the environment.

Die Luxecosy Bettwaren werden von erfahrenen Manufakturen hergestellt und bieten besten Komfort.

Our roots

From dream to reality

Luxecosy was born out of a vision: to make luxurious hotel bedding accessible to every home. Our founder, an experienced bedding expert, recognized a gap in the market for high-quality and durable bedding, manufactured in a German factory. With this idea at heart and the goal of enabling the best sleep, Luxecosy was born.

Die Luxe Daunendecke aus 90% Daune / 10% Feder für feinsten Komfort

our mission

Quality and comfort in every home

Our mission at Luxecosy is to provide every customer with the feeling of a five-star hotel bed at home. We strive to develop products that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also ergonomic and environmentally friendly. By combining innovation with tradition, we create bedding that is both timeless and modern.

Premium Daunendecke - Unvergleichlicher Schlafgenuss mit Füllung aus 100% arktische Wildenten Typ Eiderdaune.

Our products

A touch of luxury

Every Luxecosy product reflects our commitment to quality. From the careful selection of materials to the fine craftsmanship in a German factory, we leave no detail untouched. Our toppers offer unmatched comfort and support, while our blankets and pillows are made from materials that will enchant you.

Our team

Experts with passion

Behind Luxecosy stands a team of professionals who bring their extensive knowledge and passion for high-quality sleep products. Our employees are the heart of our company and each of them contributes to making our vision a reality.

Der Gründer von Luxecosy.

Founder & CEO

From hotel purchasing to Luxecosy

My ten-year career as a buyer in the luxury hotel industry has had a profound impact on my understanding of quality and comfort. During this time, I discovered the art of producing exquisite bedding that makes sleeping in luxury hotels special. These insights inspired me to found Luxecosy. Here we combine traditional craftsmanship with high-quality materials and the latest technology. Our goal is to make the luxurious comfort of hotels accessible to everyone. Luxecosy therefore stands not just for a brand, but for a promise: exceptional sleeping comfort, shaped by my unique experience and passion.

Luxe Daunenkissen - 90 % Gänsedaune / 10% Feder % - Größe von 40 x 80 cm perfekt abgestimmt auf Ihre Bedürfnisse.

What our customers say

Stories that inspire

Our customers are our biggest advocates. Many have reported how switching to Luxecosy has improved their sleeping habits and therefore their daily lives. Through regular feedback and positive reviews, they help us to constantly improve our products and set new standards in the field of bedding.

Die hochwertigste Baumwolle wird in Luxecosy Bettwaren verwendet.

Our commitment

For a better world

At Luxecosy we take our responsibility seriously. We are committed to sustainable and regional production methods and are particularly proud that our bedding is made in family-run factories in Germany. Our goal is not only to deliver the best quality, but also to make a positive contribution to society and the environment.

Our categories

We offer an exquisite selection of bedding ranging from luxurious duvets and plush pillows to premium mattress toppers and elegant bedding sets. Each product is carefully designed to ensure the ultimate comfort and luxury typically only found in the finest hotels. Our expertise in purchasing and production allows us to create products that are not only stylish and comfortable, but also durable and sustainable. At LuxeCosy, we innovate to ensure our customers get the best quality sleep - every night, in every home.

Do you have any further questions?

If you have any further questions about us, our history or our products, please feel free to contact us using the form or chat. We are happy to assist you and will respond to your inquiries within 24 hours.