"4-Jahreszeiten-Bettdecken von Luxecosy – Perfekter Schlafkomfort für jede Jahreszeit

4-season duvets

Year-round comfort | handmade in German factory | optimal thermal insulation


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Schweben Sie auf den sanften Wolken des LuxeCosy Cosy Clouds Mikrofaser Decke Primaloft - Kuscheliger Komfort für Sie!Schweben Sie auf den sanften Wolken des LuxeCosy Cosy Clouds Mikrofaser Decke Primaloft - Kuscheliger Komfort für Sie!
Cozy PrimaloftBio® microfiber blanket 100% PrimaLoft Bio® fiber Sale priceFrom 119,95 €
Die Pure 100% Gänsedaunen Bettdecke - Unvergleichlicher Schlafgenuss mit einer Füllung aus 100% hochwertiger deutscher Daune.Die Pure 100% Gänsedaunen Bettdecke - Unvergleichlicher Schlafgenuss mit einer Füllung aus 100% hochwertiger deutscher Daune.
Pure Comfort down comforter 100% Münsterl. Goose down Sale priceFrom 499,95 €
Premium Daunendecke - Unvergleichlicher Schlafgenuss mit Füllung aus 100% arktische Wildenten Typ Eiderdaune.Premium Daunendecke - Unvergleichlicher Schlafgenuss mit Füllung aus 100% arktische Wildenten Typ Eiderdaune.
Premium down comforter 100% ark. Wild duck down Sale priceFrom 449,95 €
Erleben Sie königlichen Schlafkomfort mit der Royal Bio Kamelhaardecke – luxuriöse Wärme und Weichheit für Sie!Hochwertige Royal Bio Kamelhaardecke aus feinstem Kamelhaar hergestellt in handwerklicher Fertigung in Deutschland.
Royal camel hair blanket 100% finest camel hair Sale priceFrom 299,95 €
Prestige Comfort Kids Schurwolldecke aus 100% biologisch kontrollierter Schurwolle - Natürlicher Komfort für Ihr Kind.Den richtigen Wärmegrad für eine Luxecosy Bettdecke finden. Sommerdecke, Winterdecke, 4-Jahreszeiten Decke
Children's blanket virgin wool 100x135 cm 100% organic new wool Sale priceFrom 119,95 €
Die Luxus Veganer Lyocell Bettdecke von Luxecosy für höchsten Komfort und angenehme Nächte.Die Luxus Veganer Lyocell Bettdecke von Luxecosy für höchsten Komfort und angenehme Nächte.
Vegan lyocell duvet 100% Tencel® fiber (Lyocell) Sale priceFrom 249,95 €
bestsellerOn sale
Das Premium Decken und Kissen Set mit 100% Daunen Typ EiderdaunePremium Daunendecke - Unvergleichlicher Schlafgenuss mit Füllung aus 100% arktische Wildenten Typ Eiderdaune.
Premium blanket and pillow set 100% arc. Wild duck - eiderdown type Sale priceFrom 559,95 € Regular price649,90 €
On sale
Unser Decken und Kissen Set besteht aus Mikrofaser Kissen und Mikrofaser Decke und bereitet hervorragende Nächte.Cosy Clouds PrimaLoft Bio®-Mikrofaser Kissen - Unterstützung in der Größe 80 x 80 cm aus 100 % PrimaLoft Bio®-Microfaser.
Cozy microfiber blanket and pillow set 100% PrimaloftBio microfiber Sale priceFrom 169,95 € Regular price199,90 €
On sale
Pure Decken- und Kissen-Set von Luxecosy – 100% Daunen für ultimativen SchlafkomfortDie Pure 100% Gänsedaunen Bettdecke - Unvergleichlicher Schlafgenuss mit einer Füllung aus 100% hochwertiger deutscher Daune.
Pure down blankets and pillow set 100% Münsterl. Goose down Sale priceFrom 609,95 € Regular price819,90 €
Beste 90% Daunen und 10% Federn aus Deutschland für die Traumhüpfer Kinderdecke - LuxeCosyDie hochwertigen Daunen von Luxecosy sind fluffig und luxuriös. Jetzt Daunendecken und Daunenkissen entdecken.
Down children's blanket 100x135 cm 90% DE country down & 10% feather Sale priceFrom 179,95 €
Entspannen Sie sich in luxuriösem Komfort mit der Prestige Schurwolldecke – eine nachhaltige Wohlfühloase für Ihren SchlafDie luxuriöse Prestige Comfort Bio Schurwolldecke: Nachhaltige Gemütlichkeit für Ihr Bett aus nachhaltiger Schurwolle.
GOTS virgin wool blanket 100% organic new wool (GOTS) Sale priceFrom 249,95 €
Hochwertige Bettwäsche von Luxecosy entdecken. Von Leinenbettwäsche, Musselin Bettwäsche und Mako-Satin.

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Luxecosy 4 season duvets - perfect sleeping comfort for every season

Our 4-season duvets, both as all-season duvets with a medium fill weight and as DUO duvets, which consist of two individual duvets, offer unique solutions for every sleeping comfort need.

Two variants for individual needs:

  • All-season duvet with medium filling weight:This option offers year-round comfort in a single, versatile product. Perfect for those who prefer a straightforward but effective solution.
  • DUO blankets:Consisting of two separate blankets designed for different temperatures and which can be combined if necessary, they offer maximum flexibility and adaptation to any season.

All year round comfort:

  • Both versions of our 4-season duvets are designed to keep you warm when it's cold and cool when temperatures rise, ensuring you get the best night's sleep every night.

Discover the perfect combination of comfort, quality and versatility with Luxecosy's 4-season duvets. Whether you choose our all-season duvets or DUO duvets, you are choosing a duvet that ensures ideal sleeping comfort in every season.

The versatility of the 4 season duvet

Our 4-season duvets from Luxecosy are designed to give you optimal sleeping comfort all year round. Understand how these innovative duvets can adapt to different climatic conditions.

All-season blankets with medium filling weight:

  • This blanket variant offers balanced thermal performance that is suitable for most climate conditions. It is ideal for those looking for a simple but effective solution for year-round comfort.

DUO blankets:

  • The DUO blankets consist of two separate blankets that can be used individually or together as needed. A lighter blanket is ideal for warmer months, while the heavier blanket provides warmth in colder months. Together they provide maximum warmth and comfort for the coldest nights.

Adaptability and comfort:

  • Regardless of the variant you choose, our 4-season duvets adapt to the changing seasons and temperatures to always ensure optimal sleeping comfort.
  • This flexibility makes the 4 Season Duvet a practical and cost-effective choice as it can be used all year round without the need for multiple different duvets.

With Luxecosy 4-season duvets you can enjoy optimal comfort every night, regardless of the season. Discover the ideal solution for your sleep that adapts seamlessly to your needs.

Materials and workmanship

At Luxecosy we attach great importance to the selection of high-quality materials and careful workmanship for our 4-season duvets. Our blankets are designed to not only be comfortable and functional, but also to provide durability and quality.

High-quality materials:

  • We only use the best materials, such as fine down, breathable synthetic fibers or natural wool, to ensure that our duvets are soft, light and warm at the same time.
  • The materials are carefully selected to ensure optimal temperature regulation and moisture control, essential for a comfortable sleep.

Quality in workmanship:

  • Each duvet is crafted with the utmost precision and attention to detail. This ensures that every seam, every filling and every fabric meets the highest standards.
  • The DUO blankets are designed to be easily put together or used separately depending on customers' needs and preferences.

Our 4 Season Comforters embody the marriage of craftsmanship and modern technology to provide you with a superior sleep product. Choose Luxecosy for a duvet that offers quality, comfort and durability in every stitch.

Care and longevity

Proper care of your Luxecosy 4-season duvet is crucial to maintaining its quality and functionality. Our duvets are designed to provide years of excellent comfort with appropriate care.

Care instructions for your duvet:

  • Regular ventilation:Air your duvets regularly to maintain freshness and prevent moisture build-up.
  • Washing instructions:Many of our duvets are machine washable. Please refer to the specific care instructions on the label as these may vary depending on the material.
  • Gentle cleaning:We recommend cleaning the blankets on a gentle cycle with a mild detergent and drying them at a low temperature.

Tips for long-term storage:

  • Store your duvets in a dry, well-ventilated room to protect them from moisture and direct sunlight.
  • Avoid storing in plastic bags as this can limit breathability and lead to moisture buildup.

By following these simple care instructions, you will ensure that your Luxecosy 4-season duvet maintains its outstanding properties. Our products are designed to offer you long-term sleeping comfort.

Adaptation to personal needs

At Luxecosy we understand that every sleeper has individual needs and preferences. Our 4-season duvets are designed to flexibly adapt to your personal sleeping habits to ensure maximum comfort and satisfaction.

Consider individual sleep needs:

  • Heat regulation:Our 4-season duvets offer the perfect balance of warmth and breathability, regardless of the season.
  • Flexibility of the DUO ceilings:The combinable blankets of the DUO variant allow you to adjust the heat level as needed - ideal for changing seasons and individual heat preferences.

Suitability for different sleep types:

  • Our duvets are suitable for both light sleepers who prefer a less warm covering and those who need extra warmth on colder nights.
  • The material selection for our blankets is aimed at creating a pleasant sleeping environment while at the same time meeting individual comfort needs.

With a 4-season duvet from Luxecosy, you get a versatile solution that adapts to your personal sleeping style and ensures optimal comfort in every season. Discover the ideal blanket that will give you a restful sleep night after night.

Sustainability and environmental awareness

Luxecosy is committed to sustainability and environmental awareness, especially in the production of our 4-season duvets. We believe that responsible use of resources is crucial to providing high quality products that are beneficial to both our customers and the environment.

Commitment to Sustainable Practices:

  • Our duvets are made from eco-friendly materials that are sustainably sourced. We strive to minimize our environmental footprint by using recycled and renewable resources.
  • Our blankets are produced in compliance with strict environmental standards to ensure that they are not only comfortable but also environmentally friendly.

Longevity and quality:

  • The durability of our 4-season duvets helps reduce the need for frequent replacement, which in turn reduces environmental impact.
  • We guarantee that our duvets will stand the test of time, so you will enjoy a high quality product for years to come.

By choosing a 4-season duvet from Luxecosy, you not only support your own sleeping comfort, but also contribute to a responsible and sustainable lifestyle. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you are sleeping with an environmentally friendly product.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions about Luxecosy 4 season duvets

What's special about a 4-season duvet?

  • A 4-season duvet is designed to provide ideal sleeping comfort all year round. It consists of either a single duvet with a medium filling weight or two combinable blankets (DUO blankets), which can be used individually or together depending on the season.

How do I choose between a single blanket and DUO blankets?

  • The choice depends on your personal preferences. A medium fill weight single blanket provides year-round comfort without adjustment, while DUO blankets are more flexible and allow you to adjust heat levels depending on the season.

Are 4-season duvets suitable for allergy sufferers?

  • Many of our duvets are hypoallergenic and therefore suitable for allergy sufferers. Pay attention to specific material information and choose a product that meets your needs.

How do I care for my 4 season duvet?

  • Most of our 4 season duvets are machine washable. It is recommended that you follow the specific care instructions on the label of each blanket to ensure longevity and quality.

Can I also use the DUO version blankets individually?

  • Yes, the DUO variant blankets can be used individually or together, making them a versatile option for different temperatures and personal warmth preferences.

For more information or specific questions about our 4 season duvets, please visit our website or contact us directly. We would be happy to help you find the perfect duvet set for your individual sleeping comfort.

LuxeCosy quality guarantee

Our four-season duvets represent unparalleled comfort and the highest quality. They are designed to provide the perfect temperature all year round so you can get a good night's sleep every night.

So if you are looking for a blanket that offers great comfort all year round, then an all-season blanket from LuxeCosy is perfect for you. Explore our collection and find the perfect one 4 seasons duvet for your sleeping comfort.