Barista coffee beans - espresso

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LuxeCosy Barista Coffee Beans Espresso - For a strong and aromatic espresso. Our espresso coffee beans are the perfect choice for anyone who loves a strong and aromatic espresso. The selected beans are carefully roasted in order to unfold their full flavor and intense roasted aroma.

Our high-quality Barista espresso coffee beans impress with their intense aroma and are roasted by our coffee partner according to barista quality. The espresso beans get the strong flavor profile from the composition of coffee beans with the ratio: 30% Arabica / 70% Robusta. Robusta coffee beans have the property that they contain more acid and caffeine than Arabica beans. The strong and espresso-typical aroma is generated by the higher Robusta content.

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Origin: Germany

Series: Barista

Material: 100% whole coffee beans

Content: 30% Arabica / 70% Robusta

Origin: Germany

Series: Barista

Material: 100% whole coffee beans

Content: 30% Arabica / 70% Robusta

Ansammlung von hochwertigen Kaffeebohnen für den perfekten Barista Café Creme oder Espresso von LuxeCosy

Why our coffee beans?

We pride ourselves on offering you the finest coffee beans. Here are some reasons why our coffee beans are a great choice for coffee lovers:Quality - We only source the highest quality green coffee beans from the finest growing regions around the world. The experienced roast masters are experts in the art of roasting and ensure that every bag of our coffee beans offers an exceptional taste experience. Freshness - We make sure that our coffee beans are always fresh and retain the maximum aroma. They are immediately packed in airtight bags after roasting to preserve their freshness and quality. Flavor - Our coffee beans offer an incredibly rich and balanced flavor that invigorates the senses. We are confident that our coffee beans will give you an unforgettable coffee experience. Try them and let yourself be won over by their unique taste and aroma!

Die LuxeCosy Premium Barista Kaffeebohnen begeistern mit ausgewogenem Geschmack und schönen Aromen.

LuxeCosy Barista coffee beans

Discover the perfect blend for a barista experience at home - Our exquisite barista coffee beans!

Carefully selected and roasted, our beans offer a taste experience appreciated by professional baristas.

Our proven German premium coffee roaster uses 100% coffee beans and roasts according to a 200-year roasting tradition. The beans are roasted at a maximum of 180 °C and a roasting process of 17 to 23 minutes. All coffees are roasted according to the BRC (British Retail Consortium) global food standard.

Immerse yourself in rich aromas and full-bodied notes that will pamper your taste buds. With a touch of sophistication and complexity, our Barista coffee beans offer a delicious treat that is perfect for espresso, cappuccino and other specialty coffees.