Matratzentopper & Auflagen von Luxecosy für den perfekten Komfort in Ihrem Schlafzimmer. Tolle Feder-Topper und Matratzenauflagen.

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Luxe Dreams Federtopper - Ultimativer Schlafkomfort! Erleben Sie den Matratzentopper, der Ihren Körper sanft umarmt.Luxe Dreams Feder-Topper - Stützende Federn und beste Daunen für eine luxuriöse Schicht aus Weichheit und Unterstützung.
Luxe Dreams feather topper Bottom: 100% feathers, top 90% down, 10% feathers Sale priceFrom 229,95 €
Luxe Serenity Daunen Topper - Unser Topper bietet eine luxuriöse Schicht aus Komfort und Unterstützung. 60% Daune / 40% FaserLuxe Serenity Daunen Topper - Unser Topper bietet eine luxuriöse Schicht aus Komfort und Unterstützung. 60% Daune / 40% Faser
Down Topper 60% new German down - 40% microfiber Sale priceFrom 649,95 €
Der Prestige Tencel Topper für einen angenehmen Komfort auf Ihrer Matratze.Der Prestige Tencel Topper für einen angenehmen Komfort auf Ihrer Matratze.
Tencel topper 100% Tencel® fiber (Lyocell) Sale priceFrom 129,95 € Regular price179,95 €
Serenity Hotel Daunen Matratzenauflage - 60% Daunen - 40% Microsys Daunen Matratzenauflage.Luxe Serenity Daunen Topper - Unser Topper bietet eine luxuriöse Schicht aus Komfort und Unterstützung. 60% Daune / 40% Faser
Down mattress topper 60% goose down - 40% air cell sticks Sale priceFrom 279,95 €
Unser erstklassiger Cosy Clouds Federtopper bietet eine himmlische Kombination aus Weichheit und Unterstützung.Die Feder Topper von Luxecosy überzeugen durch maximalen Komfort und Unterstützung auf Niveau der Luxus Hotels.
Cosy Clouds feather topper 5% down - 95% feather Sale priceFrom 219,95 €
Prestige Comfort Kids Matratzenauflage aus 100% biologisch kontrollierter Schurwolle - Natürlicher Komfort für Ihr Kind.Prestige Comfort Kids Matratzenauflage aus 100% biologisch kontrollierter Schurwolle - Natürlicher Komfort für Ihr Kind.
Prestige Comfort Kids Bio Wool Mattress Pad 100% organic new wool Sale priceFrom 99,95 €
Die Prestige Matratzenauflage Schurwolle für einen hervorragenden Komfort auf Ihrer Matratze mit bester Schurwolle.Die Prestige Matratzenauflage Schurwolle für einen hervorragenden Komfort auf Ihrer Matratze mit bester Schurwolle.
Prestige Comfort Bio Wool Mattress Pad 5% down - 95% feather Sale priceFrom 229,95 €
Erwecken Sie Ihre Matratze zu neuem Leben mit dem Luxe Cosy Topper - Luxuskomfort für erholsamen Schlaf!

Advice on mattress toppers

Find the perfect mattress topper

A mattress topper can make all the difference to your sleeping comfort. A mattress topper raises your sleeping comfort to the level of luxury hotels.

Find the perfect mattress topper now

FAQ about duvets

Below we have compiled the most frequently asked questions from our customers about our luxury duvets to help you with your concerns. If you have any further questions that are not covered here, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always here to help you.

Premium mattress toppers and mattress toppers for excellent sleeping comfort

A mattress topper, often referred to as an underbed or topper, is an additional layer of comfort on top of the mattress to improve sleeping comfort. Our products are carefully designed to give you the highest level of sleeping comfort while extending the life of your mattress.

What we offer:

  • Mattress topper:Discover our premiumFeather topperandDown topper, which provide additional support and a luxurious sleeping experience.
  • Mattress toppers:Our selection of mattress toppersDown,Virgin wool, orTenceloffers individual solutions for different sleep needs.

Improved sleeping comfort:

  • Our toppers and toppers are designed to increase your sleeping comfort by providing an extra layer of soft padding while protecting the mattress.
  • Each material has been carefully selected to provide specific sleep benefits, from enhanced temperature regulation properties to hypoallergenic benefits.

At Luxecosy we understand that good sleep is essential for your well-being. That's why we offer you only the best products that maximize your sleeping comfort while helping to protect your mattress. Discover the perfect combination of luxury, comfort and functionality with our mattress toppers and mattress toppers.

Mattress Topper - Feather and down for luxury comfort

Our selection of mattress toppers at Luxecosy includes high-quality feather and down toppers that are specifically designed to maximize your sleeping comfort and give you a feeling of luxury.

Feather topper:

  • Our spring toppers provide excellent support and improve the firmness of your mattress. They are ideal for people who need extra back support or simply prefer the comfort of a firmer sleeping surface.
  • The natural feather filling allows good air circulation, which helps regulate temperature while you sleep.

We lead with youCozy feather topperandLuxe feather toppertwo toppers that are second to none. The Cozy Feather Topper has 85% feather and 15% down filling, while the Luxe Feather Topper offers you two layers of comfort. The lower layer consists of springs for optimal support. The top layer made of 90% down and 10% feathers to ensure you the comfort you need. The height of the feather toppers is 10 cm.

Down topper:

  • For lovers of softness and luxury, our down toppers are the perfect choice. They provide an additional soft layer that gently adapts to your body shape and ensures a cozy sleeping experience.
  • Down is known for its light and warming properties, making it ideal for a cozy sleeping environment.

Ours offers a special highlightSerenity down topper. With a combination of high-quality German down and first-class comfort material made of microfiber,This down topper offers an incomparable sleeping experience and optimal heat regulation that will pamper you

Learn the benefits of mattress toppers

Are you considering a mattress topper from Luxecosy? Then you can look forward to perfect sleeping comfort with many advantages. The additional layer that is placed on the mattress can bring about a noticeable improvement in the sleeping properties. One of the primary benefits of mattress toppers is their ability to adjust the firmness and comfort of the mattress. Another plus point is the pressure relief that our high-quality mattress toppers offer. Models made from down and feathers in particular adapt to the individual contours of the body and thus reduce pressure on sensitive areas such as shoulders and hips. This improves sleep quality and minimizes muscle tension. If the existing mattress is in good condition and you don't want to buy a new one, you can change the comfort level with a mattress protector. This is a cost-effective and effective solution to buying a new mattress.

Mattress toppers – variety for every need

Luxecosy offers a wide range of mattress toppers made from different materials to meet a variety of sleeping needs and preferences. Each material offers unique benefits to optimize your sleeping experience.

Down mattress topper:

  • The down toppers provide luxurious comfort and softness. They are ideal for those who prefer an extra soft and cozy sleeping environment.
  • Down naturally regulates temperature and ensures pleasant warmth in winter and coolness in summer.

New wool mattress topper:

  • Virgin wool toppers are perfect for sleepers who value natural materials. Virgin wool offers excellent heat regulation and is breathable at the same time.
  • These cushions are particularly durable and offer natural resistance to dust mites.

Lyocell mattress topper:

  • Tencel (Lyocell), a fiber made from wood cellulose, is soft, smooth and skin-friendly. These pads are ideal for sensitive skin.
  • Tencel is also environmentally friendly to produce and offers excellent moisture management.

Our mattress toppers are designed to increase your sleeping comfort while protecting your mattress. Choose the perfect cushion for your individual sleeping style from our variety of materials.

When mattress toppers make sense

Mattress toppers have a wide range of uses - they are used in different situations and on different occasions. Let's take a closer look:

  • Mattress adjustment: If the existing mattress is too firm or too soft and does not provide the desired sleeping comfort, a mattress topper can improve the sleeping properties. A topper made of down and feathers or natural materials can create a more comfortable sleeping environment.
  • Guest beds: Mattress toppers are a practical solution for guest beds. They can be quickly put on to provide guests with an extra layer of comfort.
  • Bridging unevenness: A mattress topper can easily bridge unevenness and the gap between two mattresses.
  • Extending mattress life: A mattress topper can significantly extend the life of your mattress by acting as an additional layer of protection. It protects the mattress from dirt, moisture and wear and tear.
  • Temperature sensitivity: For people who are sensitive to temperature fluctuations, a mattress topper can create a more comfortable sleeping environment.

Care and longevity of the mattress topper

Proper care of your Luxecosy mattress toppers and mattress toppers is crucial to maintaining their quality and functionality for years to come.

Care instructions for mattress toppers and cushions:

  • Down and feather products:These should be ventilated regularly and gently shaken to keep the filling fresh and fluffy. If necessary, they can be professionally cleaned.
  • Virgin wool:These natural materials benefit from regular outdoor ventilation. Stains should be treated locally rather than washing the entire pad.
  • Tencel:Tencel pads can be machine washed at low temperatures. They are easy to care for and dry quickly.

By following these care instructions, you can ensure that your Luxecosy mattress toppers and toppers maintain their premium quality and comfort for many years to come.

Mattress topper from Luxecosy - adaptation to individual needs

Luxecosy understands that every sleeper has unique needs. That's why we offer a variety of mattress toppers and toppers that adapt to different sleeping styles and personal preferences.

Choosing the right topper or edition:

  • For back and side sleepers:Feather or down toppers can provide additional support and comfort, while virgin wool or hemp toppers provide balanced temperature regulation.
  • For stomach sleepers:Softer down pads can be ideal for minimizing pressure points.
  • For skin sensitivities:Tencel or hemp pads are known for their skin-friendly properties.

Ergonomic advantages:

  • Our mattress toppers not only provide comfort, but can also help support spinal alignment and reduce pressure points.
  • The right choice will lead to improved sleep quality and a more restful experience.

All of our spring toppers can be adjusted to fit different mattress sizes. For example, mattress toppers are available in sizes 90x200 cm, 100x200 cm, 140x200 cm, 160x200 cm, 180x200 cm and 200x200 cm.

By choosing the right pad or topper for your specific needs, you can optimize your sleep environment and wake up feeling refreshed every morning. Luxecosy is here to help you choose the perfect product for your individual sleeping style. Feel free to use oursTop advisor.

Sustainability and environmental awareness

Luxecosy is committed to sustainability and environmental protection. We believe that quality sleep products should not come at the expense of our environment.

Sustainable material sourcing:

  • Our down and feather products are responsibly sourced to ensure they are ethically and sustainably sourced.
  • The natural materials such as virgin wool, hemp and Tencel are selected for their environmentally friendly properties. They are renewable, biodegradable and have a low ecological footprint.

Environmentally friendly production processes:

  • When producing our toppers and cushions, we use environmentally friendly processes to minimize energy and water consumption.
  • We strive to reduce our waste and promote the recycling of materials.

By choosing Luxecosy mattress toppers and toppers, you not only support a restful sleep, but also an environmentally conscious lifestyle. Our products are proof that comfort and sustainability can go hand in hand.

Experience the best sleeping comfort with Luxecosy mattress toppers & mattress toppers

We at Luxecosy offer you a variety of mattress toppers from which you can choose and are sure to find the right one. Decide what size you need. You don't have to compromise on the material either and you can choose from goose down/air cell rods, Tencel fibers, organic virgin wool and feathers/down. Finally, the degree of hardness is important; after all, everyone beds differently. The higher the proportion of feathers in a topper, the more comfortable it is to lie on, while down and natural fibers are more likely to ensure a soft sleeping comfort. Have fun finding your new mattress topper. And of course we are available to answer any questions you may have at any time.