Luxecosy bedding lexicon: Everything you need to know about your bedding

Luxecosy Bettwaren-Lexikon: Alles, was Sie über Ihre Bettwaren wissen müssen - LuxeCosy

The Luxecosy bedding lexicon: Your guide through the world of exquisite sleep products

Welcome to the world of exquisite sleep. With Luxecosy you will be taken on a journey through the extensive lexicon of bedding . In this blog post, we cover all the terms you need to know to create your ideal sleep environment. Prepare to delve into the depths of mattresses , blankets , pillows , and more.

mattress topper

An often overlooked but essential part of a luxurious bed. Luxecosy mattress toppers can dramatically improve the quality of your sleep. Not only do they increase comfort, but they also protect your mattress from wear and tear and provide an additional layer for optimal sleep.

Feather topper

Luxecosy 's Feather Toppers are a revolutionary improvement to any sleeping environment. They are an extra layer that you place on your mattress to increase comfort and support while you sleep.

Unparalleled comfort

Our feather toppers are filled with high quality feathers that provide excellent support while creating a soft, springy surface. They promote pressure relief and ensure balanced weight distribution, reducing tension in the muscles.

Longevity of your mattress

In addition to improving sleep comfort, a spring topper helps extend the life of your mattress by reducing wear and tear.

mattress toppers

Luxecosy mattress toppers are designed to provide extra protection and comfort for your mattress .

Comfort upgrade

By adding a Luxecosy mattress topper to your bed, you can increase the comfort of your current mattress without having to purchase a new one. They are a great solution to increase softness and create a more comfortable sleeping environment.


CUIN (Cubic Inches per Ounce)

is a benchmark that evaluates the fill power of down, a crucial factor for high-quality bedding. A higher CUIN value means that the down can trap more air and therefore insulate better, ensuring optimal warmth and lightness. Luxecosy understands the importance of CUIN in producing premium bedding, such as down comforters and pillows, and therefore selects only high-quality, high-fill down down. This guarantees our customers not only luxurious comfort, but also excellent thermal insulation and breathability, comparable to the level found in luxury hotels.

Summer blankets

When the temperatures rise, a summer blanket from Luxecosy is the perfect companion for a restful night. Our blankets are breathable and ensure a pleasant sleeping temperature even on warm nights.

All year round blankets

Luxecosy 's all-season blankets are specially designed to provide you with comfort and coziness in every season.

Winter blankets

When it gets colder, a winter blanket from Luxecosy is the right choice. Discover the soothing warmth and comfort that our winter blankets can offer.


At Luxecosy we know that a good pillow can make the difference between a restful night and a sleepless night. Here we take a look at the different pillow options we offer.

Neck support pillow

Our neck support pillows are designed to keep your neck and spine in a natural position to prevent tension and pain.

Allergy pillow

For allergy sufferers, we offer special pillows that are hypoallergenic and ensure a peaceful, symptom-free sleep.

Children's pillow

Even the little ones should be able to sleep like a dream. Our children's pillows are tailored to the needs of the youngest family members and support healthy sleep right from the start.


The right bedding can make all the difference in your sleeping comfort. At Luxecosy we offer a wide range of options.

Cotton bed linen

Our cotton bedding is soft, breathable and hypoallergenic, making it the perfect choice for any season.

Linen bed linen

For a touch of luxury, linen bedding gets softer with every wash and offers a natural, rustic aesthetic.

Mako satin bed linen

Experience the luxurious comfort of our Mako satin bed linen . Known for its silky shine and softness, Mako satin offers an unparalleled sleeping experience.

Children's bedding

For our youngest Luxecosy fans, we have developed a range of children's bedding that will give the little ones sweet dreams.

With Luxecosy, comfortable sleep and luxury are guaranteed. Thanks to our variety of bedding , everyone can find the personal sleeping comfort that suits them. Discover the world of Luxecosy and transform your bedroom into an oasis of calm.

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