Which pillow is right for me?

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Looking for the perfect pillow? This guide is for you! Whether you are a side sleeper, back sleeper or stomach sleeper, there is a pillow for you. In this blog post we will look at the different types of pillows, provide tips on choosing the right pillow and answer some frequently asked questions on the subject.

Choosing the right pillow can have a significant impact on the quality of your sleep. A well-chosen pillow supports the neck and head, relieves pain and prevents snoring. It can even help relieve allergy symptoms.

There are a variety of pillows on the market that differ in shape, material and degree of hardness. From traditional feather and down pillows to ergonomic foam pillows and hypoallergenic options, there's a pillow for everyone.

The different materials at a glance

Down pillows have long been known for their comfort and softness. They are light and airy, offer good support and adapt to the shape of your head and neck. However, they are not the best choice for allergy sufferers as they may contain allergenic particles.

Synthetic pillows are made from synthetic fibers such as polyester. They are hypoallergenic and are a good alternative for people with allergies or sensitivities to natural materials. Synthetic pillows are generally less expensive than down pillows and are easier to clean because they are usually machine washable. They offer good support and are available in different firmnesses to suit different sleeping habits. However, synthetic pillows can be slightly less breathable compared to down pillows.

Neck support pillows are specifically designed to provide optimal support for the head and neck. They have an ergonomic shape that keeps the spine in a neutral position. Neck support pillows are ideal for people who suffer from neck or back pain or need special support for their cervical spine. There are different materials for neck support pillows, such as: E.g. memory foam or latex. These pillows often provide good pressure relief and conformability.

The art of choosing the ideal pillow: Individualized solutions for every sleeping position

Not only the quality of the material, but also the right pillow shape play a crucial role when it comes to restful sleep. It is important to tailor the shape of the pillow specifically to your sleeping position .

  • Back sleepers often benefit from flatter pillows that provide comfortable support for the neck without over-stretching it. For example, we recommend our down pillow , which ensures a balanced neck position.
  • Side sleepers typically need thicker pillows that fill the space between their head and shoulders. Our 3-chamber pillows and feather pillows are particularly suitable for this as they offer both comfort and the necessary support.
  • Stomach sleepers often find a very thin pillow or no pillow at all to be most comfortable. A flat latex neck support pillow can be the ideal solution here as it keeps the cervical spine in a neutral position.

The standard sizes in focus: 80x80 cm & 40x80 cm for individual sleeping comfort

In Germany there are two main standard sizes for pillows : 80x80 cm and 40x80 cm . Both sizes have their own advantages and are different depending on your sleeping habits and personal preferences.

  • Pillow 80x80 cm : This square pillow size is considered the classic size and is widely used in many households. It offers enough space to move and position as you wish while sleeping. This size is particularly versatile and is suitable for back, side and stomach sleepers. If you like it cozy and spacious, you will prefer the 80x80 cm version. This pillow size is often used in double beds as it offers a balanced proportion to the bed.
  • Pillow 40x80 cm : The rectangular format of this size aims to promote an ergonomic sleeping position. At 40x80 cm, the pillow has a more compact shape that specifically supports the neck and head and thus ensures an anatomically correct lying position. This is particularly advantageous for side sleepers, as the pillow does not allow the head to tilt too far up or down, but rather promotes a straight alignment of the spine.

The sizes 50x70 cm and 60x80 cm are also available as alternatives:

  • Pillow 50x70 cm : This size is particularly suitable for people who prefer a slightly smaller pillow that still offers sufficient support and comfort. It is a popular choice for back sleepers and pairs well with a neck support pillow.
  • Pillow 60x80 cm : This generous pillow size offers a luxurious sleeping experience and is ideal for anyone who would like to have more space and volume under their head. This size is particularly ideal for side sleepers who need a higher pillow.

At Luxecosy you can find both standard sizes and other options in different materials such as down pillows , feather pillows and neck support pillows . Our high-quality luxury bedding meets the highest quality standards and offers sleeping comfort at a luxury hotel level. By choosing the right pillow size and shape, you not only optimize your sleep quality, but also prevent possible neck or back problems. Now experience the variety and quality your sleep deserves with Luxecosy!

FAQs about pillows

  1. What types of pillows are there and how do they differ? There are many different types of pillows, including feather and down pillows, memory foam pillows, latex pillows, and more. They differ in the type of support they provide, as well as their hypoallergenicity and resistance to mites and mold.
  2. How do I choose the right pillow for my sleeping position? Your sleeping position should have a big impact on your pillow choice. Back sleepers often need a flatter pillow, side sleepers a thicker pillow, and stomach sleepers a very thin pillow or none at all.
  3. How often should I change my pillow? Most experts recommend changing your pillow every one to two years, depending on how well it is cared for and the material it is made of.
  4. Can I wash and dry my pillow? Most pillows can be machine washed, but be sure to follow the care instructions on the pillow label. It is also recommended to air and fluff the pillow regularly.
  5. What are the benefits of ergonomic pillows? Ergonomic pillows are designed to support the neck and head and keep the spine in a neutral position. This can help relieve neck and back pain and promote calmer, deeper sleep.
  6. Which materials are suitable for allergy sufferers? Memory foam and latex are good options for allergy sufferers because they are hypoallergenic and offer resistance to mites and mold.
  7. What are the advantages of natural materials such as feathers, down or virgin wool in pillows? Natural materials such as feathers, down and virgin wool are known for their softness and comfort. They are also breathable and help regulate temperature.
  8. Are there special pillows for people with neck pain or back problems? Yes, there are special ergonomic pillows designed to support the neck and head and keep the spine in a neutral position. These pillows can help relieve neck and back pain.
  9. How do I know if I need a soft, medium or firm pillow? This depends on your personal preference and your sleeping position. Typically, back sleepers prefer a medium to hard pillow, side sleepers prefer a soft to medium pillow, and stomach sleepers prefer a very soft pillow.
  10. What do I have to consider when choosing the size and shape of the pillow? The size and shape of the pillow should support both your head and neck. Be sure to choose a pillow that is not too big or too small for your bed.

    Choosing the ideal pillow is more than a convenience - it's a crucial factor in getting a good night's sleep. At Luxecosy you will find a variety of pillow shapes and sizes, from down pillows to neck support pillows, that meet the highest quality standards. Invest in your sleep and experience luxury hotel-level comfort with Luxecosy.

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