unique HOTELSHOP.one Primaloft organic microfiber pillow

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  • 100% sustainable Primaloft organic microfiber
  • Super fluffy and breathable
  • Hypoallergenic and skin-friendly

Size: 40x80cm
about 1-3 weeks In stock
Bei Luxcosy können Sie Ihre Bettwaren risikofrei 30 Nächte Testen und zurücksenden.30 nights sleep trial
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Treat yourself to a restful sleep with the unique HOTELSHOP.one Primaloft organic microfiber pillow by Luxecosy, the perfect companion for every night. The microfiber pillow is designed to keep your head and neck in a comfortable and ergonomic position, ensuring the highest level of comfort. What sets this microfiber pillow apart from others is the filling made from PrimaLoft Bio® fiber, a material that is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Experience a comfortable and eco-friendly sleeping environment that promotes a sustainable and environmentally conscious lifestyle.

product details

Origin: Germany

Series: CosyClouds

Material: 100% cotton

Content: 100% PrimaLoft Bio® fiber

Die Kopfkissen von Luxecosy begeistern durch besten Komfort und Verarbeitung.

Sustainable luxury

Precision craftsmanship in Germany guarantees the highest quality and environmentally friendly production.

Die Premium Bettwaren von Luxecosy werden in Deutschland hergestellt und erfüllen höchste Standards.

Excellent sleeping comfort

Excellent lying feeling, best comfort and sustainable materials. Enjoy the special comfort of a luxury hotel every night.

30 nights sleep trial

You can try out our Microfiber pillow for 30 nights without any risk - and test our products worry-free.

Das Made in Germany Logo für die Bettwaren von LuxeCosy die in Deutschland hergestellt werden.

German craftsmanship

Handcrafted manufacturing in a German factory for first-class quality and unsurpassed longevity.

Das Premium recycelbare Material Cosy Clouds PrimaLoft Bio® Mikrofaser Decke I LuxeCosy

Filling & Material


You will love these unique features of the unique HOTELSHOP.one Primaloft organic microfiber pillow :

The microfiber pillow from Luxecosy is equipped with an innovative vegan PrimaLoft Bio® microfiber filling, which, in addition to its environmentally friendly and biodegradable nature, also offers an outstanding support effect. This filling adapts perfectly and provides optimal support for the head and neck. The excellent heat regulation and breathability of the PrimaLoft Bio® microfiber also ensure a pleasant sleeping environment. With this microfiber pillow you not only improve your sleep quality, but also actively contribute to environmental protection.

Erleben Sie himmlische Entspannung mit dem LuxeCosy Mikrofaser Kissen – perfekte Unterstützung und Komfort.

Microfiber pillow

Our Microfiber pillow

Discover unsurpassed comfort - our high-quality microfiber pillows for a restful sleep!

With innovative PrimaloftBio® fibers, the microfiber pillow imitates the natural properties of down and offers gentle support and a comfortable feel. Our synthetic pillows are hypoallergenic and breathable to give you a healthy, allergen-free sleep.

Enjoy the feeling of luxury and relaxation that our microfiber pillows offer and wake up every morning feeling refreshed and rested.

Luxecosy Hotelqualität Kopfkissen: Premium-Komfort für erholsamen Schlaf, inspiriert von Luxushotels, mit optimaler Stützkraft und weicher Haptik.


Individual comfort for your 5-star sleep

The right pillow height and firmness play a crucial role in ensuring a restful sleep. Back, side or stomach sleepers have different needs that we meet. Our diverse options and pillow advice enable you to find the perfect pillow that exactly suits your individual sleep type. Put an end to bad nights and finally sleep carefree.

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